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Figure 3

From: Genomic plasticity of the immune-related Mhc class I B region in macaque species

Figure 3

Bayesian phylogenetic tree of Mamu-B gene (exons and introns) in human and M. mulatta. Numbers at nodes are posterior probability values for node support. Blue and red circles indicate Mamu-B loci present on haplotype 1 and 2, respectively, of the published material [11]. Green rectangles indicate pseudogenes or low expressed genes. Mamu-B loci with a "B*" name are expressed genes. Next to Mamu-B loci are shown associated MIBs. Mamu-B loci with the same colour indicate phylogenetic relatedness, the same annotation was made for MIB loci. The figure do shows that only the locus I presents close linkage to MIB. The asterisk indicates the sub-clade (PPV = 0.95) within clade 1, which B-genes are associated with MIBs.

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