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Figure 2

From: Low-pass shotgun sequencing of the barley genome facilitates rapid identification of genes, conserved non-coding sequences and novel repeats

Figure 2

MDR plots of publicly available sequences and their corresponding expert annotations. The MDR plots at the top of each panel indicate the coverage with 20-mers at each position of the sequence. Note that the scale for the MDR signal is logarithmic. The corresponding expert annotation is displayed underneath the plot. TEs are indicated as coloured boxes with each colour corresponding to a TE superfamily. Nested TEs are raised above those into which they have inserted. The highly abundant elements in (a) at positions 17 kb – 38 kb (and all others with the same MDR signal strength) represent BARE1 elements, the most abundant TE in barley. a. through c. represent sequences from barley while d. and e. are sequences from einkorn wheat Triticum monococcum. Note that the MDR signal is much weaker in the T. monococcum sequences.

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