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Table 4 Cholesterol biosynthetic pathway genes up-regulated with IGF-1 treatment

From: Insulin-like growth factor-1 coordinately induces the expression of fatty acid and cholesterol biosynthetic genes in murine C2C12 myoblasts

Affy. Id. Symbol Genes up-regulated at 4 hrs Fold Change
1425326_at Acly ATP Citrate Lyase * 2.7
1422478_a_at Acas1 Acetyl CoA Synthetase * 3.3
1451271_a_at Acat Acetyl CoA Acetyltransferase N/C
1423797_at Acas Acetyl CoA Acety Synthetase 3.1
1433443_at Hmgcs1 HMG CoA Synthase 1 3.1
1427229_at Hmgcr HMGCoA Reductase 3.1
1430619_a_at Mvk Mevalonate Kinase 3.9
1427893_a_at Pmek Phosphomevalonate Kinase 3.0
1417303_at Mvd Mevalonate (diphospho) Decarboxylase 4.5
1451122_at Idi1 Isopentenyl diphosphate delta isomerase 2.9
1423418_at Fdps Farnesyl diphosphate Synthetase 1.8
1415993_at Sqe Squalene epoxidase 2.1
1426913_at Lss Lanosterol Synthase 4.6
1422533_at Cyp51 Lanosterol 14a demethylase (CYP51) 3.5
1423078_a_at Sc4mo Sterol C4 Methyl Oxidase 3.5
1416222_at Nsdhl NAD(P)H Steroid Dehydrogenase-like 2.4
1417871_at Hsd17b7 17b Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase 7 6.1
1424709_at Sc5d Sterol C5 Desaturase 3.0
1448619_at 7Dhcr 7 dehydrocholesterol Reductase 3.2
   Uptake, breakdown & transport genes  
1421821_at Ldlr LDL Receptor (Uptake) 2.0
1449227_at M25oh Cholesterol 25 hydroxylase (breakdown) 4.0
1429240_at Startd4 Star-related Lipid transfer domain containing 4 (Transport) 2.8
   Regulatory genes  
1426690_a_at Srebp1a Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein-1 1.1
1426744_at Srebp2 Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein-2 1.4
1433520_at Scap SREBP Cleaveage Activator Protein N/C
1448240_at S1p Site 1 protease N/C
1417980_a_at Insig2 Insulin Signal 2 (insulin induced) 1.7
  1. The genes involved in cholesterol biosynthesis that are induced by about two-fold or greater levels at 4 hours are listed. All genes involved in cholesterol biosynthesis as well as those involved in cholesterol uptake (LDL receptor), break down (cholesterol 25 hydroxylase (M25oh)) and transport (Star-related Lipid transfer domain containing 4(Startd4)), are also up-regulated with IGF-1 treatment. Of the genes involved in the regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis only Srebp2 and Insig2 are feebly up-regulated, whereas Scap and S1p genes are unaffected. There is no available chip data on S2p. Genes common to the fatty acid and cholesterol biosynthetic pathways are indicated (*) and genes showing 'No Change' in expression levels are also listed (N/C).