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Table 1 Significant kmers found by the REDUCE algorithm.

From: Prediction of alternatively skipped exons and splicing enhancers from exon junction arrays

Kmer Correlation P-value
cctgg -0.0451 3.6e-36
aagaa 0.0310 1.8e-16
cgtgg -0.0233 1.1e-08
gtttt 0.0195 1.0e-05
gggaga -0.0199 2.1e-05
tatgg 0.0169 7.0e-04
tcaccg -0.0178 7.0e-04
tcaac -0.0161 2.2e-03
gaagat 0.0170 2.4e-03
tggagg -0.0168 3.3e-03
gccgg -0.0151 8.1e-03
  1. The kmer, the correlation between the kmer counts and exon-skipping score for each exon, and the p-value for the correlation are listed in columns 1, 2 and 3 respectively.