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Table 10 Transcripts associated with iron/heme metabolism and transport

From: Exploring the mialome of ticks: an annotated catalogue of midgut transcripts from the hard tick, Dermacentor variabilis (Acari: Ixodidae)

Transcript Total 6 d fed Unfed/2 d fed Sig Putative Function Best match to NR protein database E value GenBank*
  Number of ESTs      
DvM 352 1 1 0 Ind erythrocyte binding protein hypothetical protein [R. norvegicus] 0.001  
DvM 56 3 0 3 SIG Ferritin ferritin heavy chain-2 [C. rotundicauda] 2E-043  
DvM 131 2 0 2 Cyt Ferritin ferritin [D. variabilis] 3E-094  
  1. *Accession number represents transcripts derived from this analysis and submitted to Genbank.