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Table 5 Top 40 drought stress down-regulated annotatable tags

From: SuperSAGE: the drought stress-responsive transcriptome of chickpea roots

Tag code Protein R(ln) Biological process Uniprot ID
STCa-1804 Expansin-like protein (fragment) -3,095 Sexual reproduction Q7XHJ2_QUERO
STCa-13652 40S ribosomal protein S23 -3,095 Protein biosynthesis RS23_EUPES
STCa-4802 ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase precursor -2,913 Glycogen biosynthesis Q43819_PEA
STCa-5076 Ribosomal protein L32 -2,913 Protein biosynthesis Q45NI6_MEDSA
STCa-7347 Putative 3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA dehydrogenase -2,913 Fatty acid metabolism Q9LDF5_ARATH
STCa-8227 Histone H3 -2,913 Chromosome organization H3_ONOVI
STCa-13267 Allene oxide synthase precursor -2,913 Lipid biosynthesis Q7X9B4_MEDTR
STCa-17859 Hypothetical protein 275 -2,913 No associated term Q8GTD8_CICAR
STCa-21081 Vestitone reductase -2,862 Cellular metabolism Q40316_MEDSA
STCa-3331 60S ribosomal protein L18 -2,69 Protein biosynthesis RL18_CICAR
STCa-10792 Calcineurin B-like-interacting protein kinase -2,69 Signal transduction Q84XC0_PEA
STCa-12317 Heat shock protein 70-3 -2,69 Response to unfolded protein Q67BD0_TOBAC
STCa-18274 NADPH-ferrihemoprotein reductase -2,69 Electron transport Q43235_VICSA
STCa-19040 DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit B -2,69 Transcription Q70Q06_VICSA
STCa-19432 KI domain interacting kinase 1-like protein -2,69 Protein amino acid phosphorylation Q9T058_ARATH
STCa-19785 Reduced vernalization response 1 -2,69 Regulation of transcription Q8L3W1_ARATH
STCa-19870 Transaldolase -2,69 Carbohydrate metabolism O04894_SOLTU
STCa-18410 Cytochrome P450 -2,556 Electron transport Q9ZRW6_CICAR
STCa-18321 Similar to the auxin-independent growth promoter -2,491 No associated term Q9LIN9_ARATH
STCa-1286 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor iso4E -2,402 Translational initiation Q7XJB0_LACSA
STCa-3390 Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase -2,402 Carbon utilization CAPP_PHAVU
STCa-3855 ThiF family protein-like -2,402 No associated term Q653N8_ORYSA
STCa-3897 20S proteasome alpha subunit C -2,402 Ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolism PSA4_SPIOL
STCa-5074 Pectin methyl-esterase PER precursor -2,402 Cell wall modification Q9SC90_MEDTR
STCa-5237 F-box family protein-like -2,402 No associated term Q5VR67_ORYSA
STCa-5681 Hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein -2,402 Cell wall organization Q39865_SOYBN
STCa-6267 Transcription factor MYBS3 -2,402 Regulation of transcription Q8H1D0_ORYSA
STCa-6374 Putative extensin -2,402 Cell wall organization and biogenesis Q9FSY9_CICAR
STCa-6426 Protein kinase -2,402 Protein amino acid phosphorylation Q9ZRU3_CICAR
STCa-6928 40S ribosomal protein S19 -2,402 Protein biosynthesis Q9ZRW2_CICAR
STCa-6991 Cytochrome P450 -2,402 Electron transport Q9XGL7_CICAR
STCa-7688 Narf-like protein -2.402 Electron transport Q5VR67_ORYSA
STCa-8832 Cicer arietinum mRNA for chalcone synthase -2.402 Biosynthesis Q39865_SOYBN
STCa-9049 Translocon-associated subunit alpha precursor -2.402 No associated term Q8H1D0_ORYSA
STCa-9308 Aquoporin-like water channel protein (mip1 gene) -2.402 Transport Q9FSY9_CICAR
STCa-11376 60S ribosomal protein L10 (QM protein homolog) -2.402 Protein biosynthesis Q9ZRU3_CICAR
STCa-11527 Putative Bet v I family protein (bet gene) -2.402 No associated term Q93YF9_MEDTR
STCa-12919 14-3-3-like protein -2.402 Protein domain specific binding Q9ZRV7_CICAR
STCa-13826 Coatomer alpha subunit-like protein -2.402 Protein targeting SSRA_ARATH
STCa-14803 ATP synthase alpha chain, mitochondrial -2.402 ATP synthesis coupled proton transport Q8GTE0_CICAR