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Table 3 Paralogous families of mouse pre-miRNAs.

From: Annotation of mammalian primary microRNAs

Family Members
1 mir-135a-1 mir-135a-2†† mir-135b††
2 mir-199a-1 mir-199b †h mir-199a-2††
3 mir-291b mir-291a†r
4 mir-344-1 mir-344-2†h
5 mir-450a-2 mir-450a-1††
6 mir-465a mir-465b-2 mir-465b-1 mir-465c-1 mir-465c-2†h
7 mir-466a mir-466e mir-466c mir-466b-1 mir-466b-3 mir-466b-2 mir-466d mir-466h mir-466g mir-669a-1 mir-669a-2 mir-669a-3 mir-466f-1 mir-669c mir-669b mir-297b mir-297c mir-466f-3 mir-466f-2 mir-297a-4 mir-297a-3 mir-297a-5 mir-297a-2
8 mir-467a mir-467b mir-467c mir-467d mir-467e
9 mir-680-1 mir-680-2 mir-680-3
10 mir-684-1 mir-684-2
11 mir-692-1 mir-692-2
12 mir-883b mir-883a†r
  1. †† orthologs in mouse and rat. †h orthologs in human only. †r orthologs in rat only.