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Table 1 Plant material for DNA isolation with catalogue codes of reference standards (w/w).

From: Optimised padlock probe ligation and microarray detection of multiple (non-authorised) GMOs in a single reaction

Plant material code Plant material code
RRS 0.0% ERM-BF410a MON1445 0% AOCS 0804-A
RRS 0.1% ERM-BF410b MON1445 100% AOCS 0804-B
RRS 0.5% ERM-BF410c    
RRS 1.0% ERM-BF410d canola 0% AOCS 0304A
RRS 5.0% ERM-BF410f rice 0% Indica (Xieqingzao)
Bt176 0.0% ERM-BF411a sugar beet 0% ERM-BF419a
Bt176 0.1% ERM-BF411b potato 0% ERM-BF421a
Bt176 0.5% ERM-BF411c    
Bt176 1.0% ERM-BF411d MON810 100% RIKILT collection
Bt176 5.0% ERM-BF411f RRS 100% RIKILT collection