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Table 3 Summary of modules from luminal networks

From: Transcriptome analysis of mammary epithelial subpopulations identifies novel determinants of lineage commitment and cell fate

Module Constituent hubs Function Ref. Inferred module function
Luminal ER -     
TLR CD14 Component of LPS receptor [38] Passive immune
  LY96 Component of LPS receptor [38] response
  TLR4 Component of LPS receptor [38]  
KIT/KRT CD82 Tetraspanin [86] Kinase signalling
  ERBB3 ERBB family tyrosine kinase [51] pathways and
  GRB7 Signalling adaptor protein [87] cellular structural
  KIT Receptor tyrosine kinase [88] integrity
  KRT8 Cytoskeletal component [89]  
  KRT18 Cytoskeletal component [89]  
  LYN Src family kinase [90]  
  MUC1 Mucin family cell surface protein [91]  
  TEC Non-receptor tyrosine kinase [92]  
TNF/FAS BCL2 Anti-apoptotic protein [93] Inflammatory
  BIK Pro-apoptotic protein [94] response and cell
  BNIPL Putative pro-apoptotic protein [95] death
  CCL2 Inflammatory chemokine [96]  
  CCL5 Inflammatory chemokine [96]  
  FAS Prototype death receptor [97]  
  RPS6KA5 Serine/threonine kinase; controls transcriptional response to TNF [98]  
  TNF Pro-inflammatory cytokine [97]  
Luminal ER +     
ESR CRELD1 Cell adhesion molecule [99] Multifunctional
  ESR1 Transcriptional regulator [56]  
  GADD45G DNA damage response [100]  
  GIPC2 Mediate cross-talk between cell signalling pathways [101]  
  KRT19 Cytoskeletal component [89]  
  MYCBP Interacts with Myc and A-kinase anchoring proteins [102]  
  PGR Transcriptional regulator [39]  
  PTN Activation of stromal fibroblasts and stimulation of angiogenesis [103]  
  STC2 Secreted glycoprotein with possible autocrine or paracrine function [104]  
  WFDC2 Secreted anti-microbial protein [105]  
ERBB3 CD82 Tetraspanin [86] Signal transduction
  ERBB3 ERBB family tyrosine kinase [51]  
  GRB7 Signalling adaptor protein [87]  
MLLT4 EPHB6 Cell-cell interactions/adhesion [35] Cell adhesion
  MLLT4 Cell adhesion [106]  
  NRXN4 Cell-cell interactions/adhesion [107]  
COL8A1 COL8A1 Extracellular matrix protein [108] Generation of
  EFEMP2 Extracellular matrix protein [109] extracellular matrix
KRT KRT8 Cytoskeletal component [89] Cellular structural
  KRT18 Cytoskeletal component [89] integrity
FGG FGB Extracellular matrix protein [110] Generation of
  FGG Extracellular matrix protein [110] extracellular matrix