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Table 6 Accession numbers and SSRs for selected microsatellites amplified and sequenced from two or more isolates of the same species to evaluate intraspecific variability.

From: Use of genome sequence data in the design and testing of SSR markers for Phytophthora species

Phytophthora species Phytophthora isolates Primers SSRs Accession
P. alni subsp. alni SCRP2 S23F-S25R (agg)7; (aag)10; (agg)16; (aag)12; (aag)4 EF216565
  SCRP4   (agg)7; (aag)10; (agg)16; (aag)12; (aag)4 EF216567
  SCRP8   (agg)7; (aag)10; (agg)16; (aag)12; (aag)4 EF216566
P. cambivora SCRP67 S23F-S25R (agg)10; (aag)10; (agg)9; (aag)12; (agg)4; (agg)7 EF216569
  SCRP75   (agg)9; (aag)10; (agg)11; (aag)12; (agg)6 EF216571
  SCRP82   (agg)10; (aag)10; (agg)9; (aag)12; (agg)5 EF216570
P. cambivora SCRP67 S21F-S22R (agg)4; (aag)5; (aag)4 EF216581
  SCRP80   (agg)4; (aag)5; (aag)4 EF216582
  SCRP82   (aag)4; (agg)6; (agg)4 EF216583
P. cambivora SCRP67 I9F-I10R (acg)4; (aag)4; (agg)6 EF216516
  SCRP75   (acg)4; (aag)4; (agg)6 EF216519
  SCRP80   (acg)4; (aag)4; (agg)6 EF216517
  SCRP82   (aag)5; (agg)5 EF216518
P. cinnamomi SCRP115 I9F-I10R (aag)14 EF216509
  SCRP118   (aag)18 EF216511
  SCRP121   (aag)12 EF216510
P. pseudosyringae SCRP674 I5F-I6R (agc)7 EF216529
  SCRP734   (agc)7 EF216530
P. ilicis SCRP377 I5F-I6R (agc)9 EF216532
  SCRP379   (agc)9 EF216533