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Table 8 Accession numbers and SSRs for GenBank deposited sequences amplified using primers designed with the second approach (Fig. 1B).

From: Use of genome sequence data in the design and testing of SSR markers for Phytophthora species

Selected primers(a) Phytophthora species
  P. alni subsp. alni SCRP2 P. cambivora SCRP67 P. europaea SCRP622 P. fragariae SCRP333 P. sojae SCRP555
S38–39 EF382833 No SSR EF382832 No SSR EF382831 No SSR EF382830 No SSR EF382829 (aac)18
S40–41 NS++ EF382801 (aac)4 EF382800 No SSR EF382799 (aac)4 NS++
S42–43 NS++ EF382798 (ACG)6 EF382797 (acg)6; (agg)5 EF382796 No SSR EF382795 (ag)21
S44–45 EF382793 (aac)4 EF382792 (aac)4 EF382794 No SSR NS++ EF382791 (aag)5; (aag)5
S50–51 EF382790 Any SSR NA+ EF382789 No SSR EF382788 No SSR NS++
S52–53 NA+ EF382786 No SSR EF382787 No SSR NS++ EF382785 (agg)19
S58–59 EF382784 (aac)4 EF382783 (aac)4 EF382782 No SSR EF382781 (aac)4 EF382780 (aag)5; (aag)5
S64–65 EF382828 No SSR EF382827 No SSR EF382826 No SSR EF382825 No SSR EF382824 (ag)14
S68–69 EF382820 (aagg)4 EF382821 No SSR EF382822 No SSR EF382831 (aac)4; (aagg)4 EF382819 (ag)14
S70–71 EF382815 No SSR EF382816 No SSR EF382817 No SSR EF382818 No SSR EF382814 (act)13
S72–73 EF382810 No SSR EF382811 No SSR EF382812 No SSR EF382813 No SSR EF382809 (aac)12
S74–75 NS++ NS++ EF382807 No SSR EF382808 No SSR EF382806 (aat)12
S76–77 EF382802 No SSR EF382803 No SSR NS++ EF382805 No SSR EF382804 (ac)8
  1. (a) = Primers listed in Table 7 and not reported in this table are those that did not produce any reliable sequence.
  2. NA+ = Isolate-primer combinations that did not produce any amplification or produced complex profiles (two or more fragments).
  3. NS++ = Isolate-primer combinations for which single PCR bands were obtained but direct sequencing did not produced reliable results.