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Table 4 Candidate variants for Skts5

From: Sequence divergence of Mus spretus and Mus musculus across a skin cancer susceptibility locus

Gene Variant NIH/Ola Outbred spretus STF/PAS SIFT
Cog5 Asp742Glu Asp Glu Asp 0.92
Hdac9 Ile265Met Ile Met Ile 0.33
Ahr Asn533Ser Asn Ser Asn 1.00
  Asn544Asp Asn Asp Asn 0.66
EG629820 Asn72Tyr Asn Tyr Asn 0.00
Zfp277 Gln21Phe/Val Gln Phe Val 0.08
Lrrn3 Ala69Gln Ala Gln Ala 0.08
  Leu670Val Leu Val Leu 0.23