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Table 2 Differentially expressed genes.

From: Biomphalaria glabrata transcriptome: cDNA microarray profiling identifies resistant- and susceptible-specific gene expression in haemocytes from snail strains exposed to Schistosoma mansoni

dbEST Ac No Mean Sourcea BlastX matchb Organism Acc No Expect
EW996975* -5.261 SSH Ornithine decarboxylase 1 Danio rerio NP_571876.1 3E-16
EW997424 -5.124 SSH Unknown    
EW997539 -4.996 SSH Unknown    
CK656700 -4.845 ORESTES Multidrug resistance transporter-like protein Pseudopleuronectes americanus AAL15148.1 2E-34
CO870193* -4.816 ORESTES Unknown    
CK149228* -4.806 ORESTES Titin Homo sapiens CAA49245.1 3E-17
EW997032* -4.801 SSH Unknown    
CK656739 -4.772 ORESTES Unknown2    
EW997027 -4.698 SSH Unknown    
EW997530 -4.698 SSH Unknown    
CK656724 -4.696 ORESTES Unknown    
EW997444 -4.643 SSH MBCTL1 Monosiga brevicollis AAP78680.1 5E-04
CO870221 -4.597 ORESTES Unknown1    
CK656720* -4.594 ORESTES Unknown    
EW997542 -4.544 SSH Unknown    
CK656728 -4.539 ORESTES Crooked neck-like 1 protein Mus musculus NP_080096.1 1E-105
EW997099 -4.488 SSH Unknown9    
EW996832 -4.472 SSH NADH ubiquinone oxidoreductase Caenorhabditiselegans NP_496376.1 1E-30
EW997050 -4.459 SSH Bystin H. sapiens AAH50645.1 2E-34
EW996838 -4.417 SSH Unknown    
EW996831 -4.407 SSH Unknown    
EW997370 -4.382 SSH Unknown    
CO870223 -4.361 ORESTES Unknown1    
EW997028 -4.316 SSH Unknown    
EW997117 -4.306 SSH Unknown    
EW997432 -4.303 SSH Unknown    
CK656726 -4.299 ORESTES Cytoplasmic intermediate filament protein Ascaris lumbricoides CAA60047.1 3E-27
EW997187 -4.287 SSH Unknown    
EW997456 -4.264 SSH Unknown    
EW996835 -4.248 SSH Unknown    
EW997566 -4.247 SSH Unknown    
CK656741 -4.225 ORESTES Ubiquitin Suberites domuncula CAA76578.1 9E-26
EW996808 -4.224 SSH NHL domain containing protein C. elegans NP_499028.1 4E-10
EW996834 -4.201 SSH Unknown    
CO870200 -4.195 ORESTES Unknown1    
EW997451 -4.193 SSH Unknown    
EW997446 -4.158 SSH Importin 7; RAN-binding protein 7 D. rerio NP_006382.1 9E-40
EW997144 -4.122 SSH Unknown    
EW996812 -4.120 SSH Unknown    
EW997049 -4.109 SSH Unknown    
EW997528 -4.103 SSH Myosin light chain kinase smooth Bos taurus Q28824 7E-09
EW997428 -4.094 SSH Hypothetical protein Deinococcus radiodurans NP_294693.1 2E-15
EW997118 -4.068 SSH Unknown8    
CK656734 -4.056 ORESTES Unknown1    
CK149216 -4.053 ORESTES Unknown    
EW997092 -4.050 SSH Unknown8    
EW997556 -4.035 SSH Unknown    
EW997531 -4.021 SSH Unknown    
CK656703 -3.992 ORESTES Sqstm1 protein M. musculus AAH06019.1 0.0003
EW997407 -3.976 SSH Unknown    
EW997035 -3.971 SSH Unknown    
EW997077 -3.961 SSH Unknown    
CK656698 -3.954 ORESTES Unknown    
EW997078 -3.932 SSH Unknown   . .
CK656711 -3.932 ORESTES ADP/ATP carrier2 Neocallimastix patriciarum AAL79525.1 1E-30
EW997555 -3.920 SSH Elongation factor-27 Rattus norvegicus CAC81931.1 3E-32
EW996976 -3.915 SSH Ornithine decarboxylase C. elegans NP_504752.1 2E-25
EW997411 -3.892 SSH Lactate/malate dehydrogenase C. elegans NP_872154.1 5E-09
EW997017 -3.890 SSH Fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase-related protein A. thaliana NP_172669.2 2E-37
EW997501 -3.881 SSH Unknown    
EW996972 -3.875 SSH Unknown6    
EW997045 -3.864 SSH ATF6 H. sapiens BAA34722.1 0.0004
CK656733 -3.830 ORESTES Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2D 2 D. rerio AAH48896.1 2E-18
EW997087 -3.827 SSH Unknown    
EW996855 -3.824 SSH Unknown    
EW997194 -3.813 SSH Unknown9    
CK656713 -3.797 ORESTES Unknown    
CO870211 -3.796 ORESTES Unknown    
EW997015 -3.785 SSH Unknown    
EW997129 -3.758 SSH Unknown    
EW997449 -3.757 SSH Unknown5    
EW997533 -3.754 SSH Unknown    
EW997418 -3.740 SSH Hypothetical protein Aspergillus nidulans EAA64844.1 7E-11
EW996827 -3.736 SSH Serine 2 transmembrane protease M. musculus NP_056590.1 4E-25
CK656737 -3.734 ORESTES 70 kDa heat shock protein3 Artemia franciscana AAL27404.1 5E-59
CK656706 -3.723 ORESTES M-phase phosphoprotein 1 H. sapiens NP_057279.1 4E-4
CO870188 -3.720 ORESTES Cathepsin L-like protease precursor A. franciscana AAD39513.1 3E-5
EW997548 -3.683 SSH Gnat-family acetyltransferase Bordetella parapertussis NP_883664.1 6E-29
EW997412 -3.677 SSH Cytochrome b Macaca tonkeana AAK26394.1 7E-51
EW997170 -3.669 SSH Unknown6    
EW996822 -3.593 SSH Unknown    
EW997067 -3.569 SSH Elongation factor 27 Entamoeba histolytica Q06193 8E-6
EW997053 -3.558 SSH Elongation factor 1-alpha Coccidioides immitis Q96WZ1 1E-12
CK656707 -3.550 ORESTES Heat shock protein 703 Ambystoma mexicanum AAK31583.1 1E-67
CK656701 -3.541 ORESTES Unknown    
EW997447 -3.511 SSH Unknown    
EW997408 -3.502 SSH Unknown    
EW996986 -3.501 SSH Ribosomal protein Rps2 Cricetulus griseus AAQ94085.1 6E-08
EW997107 -3.483 SSH Unknown    
EW997105 -3.478 SSH Streptavidin V2 precursor Streptomyces violaceus Q53533 7E-5
EW997127 -3.472 SSH Cytochrome oxidase subunit I Platynectes decempunctatus AAN11289.1 1E-40
EW996813 -3.472 SSH Unknown    
EW996825 -3.462 SSH Unknown5    
EW996824 -3.461 SSH Adenosylhomocysteinase 3 R. norvegicus XP_231564.1 5E-43
CO870190 -3.460 ORESTES Glutamyl-prolyl-tRNA synthetase D. melanogaster NP_524471.2 4E-56
EW997004 -3.458 SSH Unknown    
EW997180 -3.435 SSH Unknown1    
EW997569 -3.430 SSH Oligomycin sensitivity conferring protein D. melanogaster CAA67980.1 1E-23
CK656696 -3.346 ORESTES Histidyl-tRNA synthetase M musculus Q61035 5E-84
EW997520 -3.337 SSH Copine-related A. thaliana NP_564907.1 3E-70
EW997051 -3.324 SSH Cytochrome Oxidase subunit Vb C. elegans NP_492601.1 2E-12
EW997435 -3.315 SSH Unknown    
CO870229 -3.300 ORESTES Unknown    
EW997131 -3.210 SSH Tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase H. sapiens AAB39406.1 8E-26
EW997037 -3.151 SSH Cytochrome c1 precursor A. thaliana NP_198897.1 5E-44
DY523263*^ 3.502 SSH Unknown    
EW996837* 3.710 SSH Unknown    
DY523267*^ 3.938 SSH Unknown4    
EW997405 4.542 SSH Unknown4    
EW996814* 5.308 SSH Unknown    
  1. Genes identified as differentially expressed between resistant and susceptible snail lines, ranked in order of mean (across the 4 replicate arrays) fold difference in expression, based on normalized mean intensity ratios. Negative fold difference values indicate resistant-associated clones.
  2. aSource indicates whether the clone was from a suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH) library or open reading frame EST (ORESTES) library.
  3. bThe name, organism, accession number and e-value given for the best match with GenBANK using BLASTX.
  4. * Chosen for qPCR
  5. ^ also confirmed from SSH experiment
  6. 1–9 clusters of overlapping sequences