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Table 3 Tammar wallaby localisation and expression data compared to human. Ad: adrenal medulla, B: brain, H: heart, K: kidney, Ov: ovary, Pl: placenta, Sk: skeletal muscle, Sp: spleen, Te: testis.

From: Origin and evolution of candidate mental retardation genes on the human X chromosome (MRX)

Gene Human/mouse expression Tammar wallaby location Tammar wallaby expression
RSK2 ubiquitous 5p ubiquitous
ARX embryonic B, Te, adult H, Sk, Li, K 5p B, Te, Ov
TSPAN7 ubiquitous 5p ubiquitous
SREB3 B, Ov Xq ubiquitous
JARID1C ubiquitous Xq ubiquitous
OPHN1 B Xq ubiquitous
RSK4 ubiquitous Xq ubiquitous
AGTR2 B, Ad, Ov Xq ubiquitous
ARHGEF6 ubiquitous Xq ubiquitous
FMR1 ubiquitous Xq ubiquitous
FMR2 B, Pl Xq ubiquitous