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Figure 1

From: Profiling expression changes caused by a segmental aneuploid in maize

Figure 1

Schematic presentation of the chromosomes 5 and 6 in DpDf plants. (A) The chromosome 5 and 6 constitution for wild-type, T5-6b heterozygous, and DpDf plants is indicated. The gray shading is used to indicate chromosome 6 while the black shading indicates chromosome 5. The white box indicates the approximate position of the centromere while the gray oval indicates the position of the NOR. The lines indicate the position of the chromosomal breaks involved in the translocation and the cM indicates the approximate genetic position of the normal chromosome that is involved in the translocation. (B) Chromosome 5 and 6 constitution in gametes produced by alternate or adjacent I disjunction in a T5-6b heterozygote. The viability of gametes containing these chromosomal constitutions is indicated to the right of the chromosomes.

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