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Table 3 Overrepresented GO categories compared to control within the allogeneic transplantation group. The top 10 significantly overrepresented GO categories on the third level (p < 0.05, Fisher's exact test, with Benjamini and Hochberg correction) related to biological process (BP), cellular component (CC) and molecular function (MF) in the set of genes down- or up-regulated after allogeneic transplantation (aTX) compared to control are shown in Table 3. The numbers indicate the quantity of genes corresponding with the GO-terms.

From: Activation of counter-regulatory mechanisms in a rat renal acute rejection model

Category Term Count p-value
BP nitrogen compound metabolism 119 8,1E-11
BP catabolism 130 3,7E-6
BP cellular metabolism 864 3,9E-4
BP transport 408 5,1E-4
BP establishment of localization 459 1,4E-3
BP excretion 18 5,1E-3
CC organelle inner membrane 110 1,7E-25
CC mitochondrial envelope 116 1,1E-23
CC organelle envelope 128 1,9E-15
CC cytoplasm 695 5,8E-15
CC organelle membrane 165 9,3E-15
CC mitochondrial lumen 41 4,6E-7
CC membrane fraction 171 8,8E-7
MF electron carrier activity 45 7,6E-17
MF oxidoreductase activity, acting on NADH or NADPH 37 1,8E-12
MF primary active transporter activity 55 2,5E-8
MF metal ion transporter activity 39 4,3E-7
MF oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-CH group of donors 22 8,8E-6
MF oxidoreductase activity, acting on CH-OH group of donors 38 1,1E-4
MF coenzyme binding 21 2,0E-4
BP immune response 283 1,7E-44
BP defense response 292 8,1E-43
BP response to pest, pathogen or parasite 180 6,4E-26
BP response to other organism 180 2,3E-24
BP macromolecule metabolism 797 1,4E-23
BP cell activation 78 2,7E-14
BP cell death 198 1,9E-13
BP response to wounding 141 1,8E-11
BP primary metabolism 1079 8,0E-9
BP cell cycle 171 2,2E-8
CC ribonucleoprotein complex 138 1,7E-22
CC intracellular non-membrane-bound organelle 318 3,9E-18
CC nucleus 581 3,0E-12
CC ribosome 81 1,2E-11
CC cytosolic small ribosomal subunit (sensu Eukaryota) 23 2,2E-8
CC T cell receptor complex 14 1,5E-6
CC nuclear envelope 44 2,0E-5
CC intracellular organelle 1000 2,3E-5
CC spliceosome complex 25 9,6E-5
CC proteasome complex (sensu Eukaryota) 25 1,5E-4
MF RNA binding 178 3,5E-31
MF cytokine binding 30 8,5E-4
MF sugar binding 36 6,8E-3
MF translation factor activity, nucleic acid binding 33 8,6E-3
MF translation initiation factor activity 22 1,3E-2
MF protease activator activity 10 4,3E-2