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Table 1 GEC scores and predicted function levels (TF) of top 7 selected position weight matrices

From: Transcription factor and microRNA regulation in androgen-dependent and -independent prostate cancer cells

Index ID Name PWM Description GEC TF
1 M00199↓ AP-1 AP-1 binding site 0.0886 -7.61E+05
2 M00225↓ STAT3 signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 0.0885 -6.48E+05
3 M00926↓ AP-1 AP-1 binding site 0.0878 -1.35E+06
4 M00495 Bach1 BTB and CNC homolog 1 0.0870 -5.91E+05
5 M00925↓ AP-1 AP-1 binding site 0.0870 -1.97E+05
6 M00982 KROX early growth response 0.0860 -6.86E+05
7 M00624↓ DBP albumin D-box 0.0857 -6.47E+05
  1. ↓: the expression level of the transcription factor binding to the predicted binding site is down-regulated in expression array.