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Table 2 GEC scores and predicted function levels (MI) of top 7 selected microRNAs.

From: Transcription factor and microRNA regulation in androgen-dependent and -independent prostate cancer cells

Index Name Mature miRNA sequence GEC MI
1 hsa-miR-144 uACAGUAUA gaugauguacu 0.0651 8.84E+05
2 hsa-miR-135b uAUGGCUUU ucauuccuauguga 0.0627 6.45E+05
3 hsa-miR-135a uAUGGCUUU uuauuccuauguga 0.0626 5.86E+05
4 hsa-miR-654 uGGUGGGCC gcagaacaugugc 0.0625 -5.23E+05
5 hsa-miR-448 uUGCAUAUG uaggaugucccau 0.0619 6.35E+05
6 hsa-miR-155 uUAAUGCUA aucgugauaggggu 0.0613 5.71E+05
7 hsa-miR-21 uAGCUUAUC agacugauguuga 0.0611 5.65E+05
  1. Seed sequences are highlighted by capital letter.