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Table 4 Expression profiles of the predicted transcription factor in the Oncomine database

From: Transcription factor and microRNA regulation in androgen-dependent and -independent prostate cancer cells

PWM Gene Symbol Genbank ID Correlation P-value Study
AP-1 JUN NM_002228 -0.62 2.1E-11 Dhanasekaran_Prostate
  JUNB NM_002229 -0.57 1.5E-9 Dhanasekaran_Prostate
  JUND NM_005354 -0.36 2.6E-4 Dhanasekaran_Prostate
  FOS NM_005252 -0.30 2.0E-3 Lapointe_Prostate
  FOSL1 NM_005438 -0.42 7.0E-3 Vanaja_Prostate
  FOSL2 NM_005253 -0.63 3.9E-13 Lapointe_Prostate
KROX EGR1 NM_001964 -0.69 3.8E-15 Dhanasekaran_Prostate
STAT3 STAT3 NM_213662 -0.68 1.1E-16 Lapointe_Prostate