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Figure 1

From: MeDor: a metaserver for predicting protein disorder

Figure 1

Example of a MeDor output. MeDor output of DisProt entry DP00200 human T cell glycoprotein CD3 Z chain (accession number P20963). The sequence is represented as a single, continuous horizontal line below the predicted secondary structure elements. Below the sequence are shown the HCA plot and the predicted regions of disorder that are represented by bidirectional arrows. Peptide signals and transmembrane domains predicted by Phobius are also highlighted as red bars and yellow helices, respectively. β-strands are represented by blue arrows, and α-helices are drawn in red. Predicted disordered regions are represented by bidirectional arrows of different colors as a function of predictors. The C-terminal region has been highlighted in blue. In the comment panel, the conclusions drawn by the user are shown as an example of comments that can be added.

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