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Figure 3

From: Short Linear Motifs recognized by SH2, SH3 and Ser/Thr Kinase domains are conserved in disordered protein regions

Figure 3

Schematic of the comparion among conservation profiles of SLiMs. For a particular domain that are under study, proteins are first grouped according to their molecular functions then further grouped into three categories according to the involvement of interaction with that domain (frequent, occasional or rare). In each of the categories obtained from the last step, proteins sequences are sorted into ordered and disordered regions. We then get the SLiMs in the protein regions and further grouped them into low, lower medium, upper medium and high domain selectivities. Conservation profiles are calculated for SLiMs in each group. The final output is the difference of ln(CR) value between SLiM that with medium, upper medium and high selectivity value and that with low selectivity value.

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