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Table 1 Molecular functional groups frequently reported to interact with Domains.

From: Short Linear Motifs recognized by SH2, SH3 and Ser/Thr Kinase domains are conserved in disordered protein regions

  Molecular function binding ratio
SH2 Receptor kinase/phosphatase 0.53
  Y kinase-phosphatase 0.51
  Adapter molecule 0.20
  Cell surface receptor 0.14
SH3 Tyr-kinase/phosphatase 0.32
  Adapter molecule 0.18
  Guanine nucleotide exchange factor 0.12
  Cytoskeletal protein 0.11
  GTPase activating protein 0.11
  Molecular function phospho ratio
Ser/Thr Kinase Ser/Thr kinase-phosphatase 0.00442
  Cell cycle control protein 0.00397
  RNA binding protein 0.00334
  Transcription factor 0.00320
  Adapter molecule 0.00296
  Structural protein 0.00259
  Transcription regulatory protein 0.00255
  1. The binding ratio is calculated as the percentage of proteins interacting with proteins containing SH2, SH3 domains. The phosphorylatio ratio is calculated as the percentage of serine residues being phosphorylated.