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Table 5 Predicted intrinsic disorder in surface proteins of influenza virus.

From: Protein intrinsic disorder toolbox for comparative analysis of viral proteins

Disorder prediction in various NA subtypes
Protein Accessions   %VLXT(VL3) Method
N1 2hu0.pdb, Subunit A   8 (0) X-Ray
N2 2f10.pdb, Subunit: A   25 (13) X-Ray
N4 2htw.pdb, Subunit A   4 (0) X-Ray
N6 2w20.pdb, Subunit: A   15 (27) X-Ray
N8 2htr.pdb, Subunit: A   4 (48) X-Ray
N9 1jsn.pdb, Subunit S   15 X-Ray
Disorder predictions in various HA subtypes
Protein Subunit Accessions %VLXT(VL3)  
H1 HA1 1ruz.pdb, Subunit H 12 (0) X-Ray
  HA2 1ruz.pdb, Subunit:I 12 (0)  
H3 HA1 1mqn.pdb, Subunit: A 25 (0) X-Ray
  HA2 1mqn.pdb, Subunit: B 19 (1)  
H5 HA1 2ibx.pdb, Subunit: A 12 (2) X-RAY
  HA2 2ibx.pdb Subunit: B 13 (0)  
H7 HA1 1ti8.pdb, Subunit: A 22 (11) X-Ray
  HA2 1ti8.Pdb, Subunit:: B 30 (0)