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Table 7 Observed paring of predicted disorder of HA-NA in subtypes involved in major epidemics. Quantitative details of the respective predicted disorder values can be found in Table 5.

From: Protein intrinsic disorder toolbox for comparative analysis of viral proteins

Subtype Description HA (Predicted Disorder/Order) NA (Predicted Disorder/Order)
H1N1 "Spanish Flu" (1918) Ordered Ordered
H2N2 "Asian Flu" (1957) NAa More Disordered
H3N2 "Hong Kong Flu" (1968) More Disordered More Disordered
H5N1 "Avian Flu" (1997) Ordered Ordered
  1. aPDB structure of H2 has not been found, presumably, because the H2N2 subtype evolved quickly into H3N2.