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Table 2 Top 5 significant KEGG pathways identified based on the differentially regulated genes and co-regulated genes from cosine similarity analysis

From: Emergence of differentially regulated pathways associated with the development of regional specificity in chicken skin

KEGG Pathways E7fe vs. E9se E7fm vs. E9sm E9fe vs. E11se E9fm vs. E11sm
ECM-receptor interaction 4.94e-08 1.59e-03 5.78e-09 2.06e-03
Focal adhesion 3.88e-08 1.39e-05 1.32e-07 6.21e-04
Melanogenesis 3.34e-05 2.89e-02 2.29e-07 1.46e-02
Calcium signaling pathway 5.79e-03 5.28e-05 2.23e-02 >0.05
Vascular smooth muscle contraction >0.05 2.30e-05 >0.05 7.21e-04
  1. Differentially expressed genes and co-regulated genes from each feather-scale comparison with similar developmental plasticity. KEGG pathways are ranked based on the number of comparisons showing high significance (p-value < 0.05).