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Figure 2

From: Evaluation of methods to purify virus-like particles for metagenomic sequencing of intestinal viromes

Figure 2

Read abundances from artificial intestinal microbiota samples following VLP purification or whole metagenome processing. (A) Relative read abundances (detailed data in Additional file 1: Tables S1 and S3-S10) (B) Relative read abundances after normalization to genome sizes (Detailed data in Additional file 1: Tables S2-S10). FD, Filtration + DNase – replicates 1&2; DTT, DTT + Filtration + DNAse – replicates 1&2; CsCl, Filtration + DNase + CsCl gradient – replicates 1&2; MG; Total metagenome (no purification procedure) – replicates 1&2. *Denotes organism read abundances with bars too small to be seen in the figure.

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