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Table 4 Transcription profile of cytokines in PMBCs stimulated by LPS at T4 and T24

From: Genome-wide immunity studies in the rabbit: transcriptome variations in peripheral blood mononuclear cells after in vitro stimulation by LPS or PMA-Ionomycin

Condition ID FC 1 adj.P.Val
LPS T4 CXCL11 3.20 4.11E-02
IL12A 2.29 3.85E-02
NOS2 1.47 4.72E-02
CD142 −2.31 4.52E-02
LPS T24 IL62 26.96 2.09E-04
IL1B2 18.12 2.96E-03
IL102 17.61 6.48E-04
IL36G 17.11 9.49E-05
IL1A 9.01 2.20E-02
IL37 7.02 4.16E-05
TNF 5.92 1.18E-02
IL1RAP 2.82 2.26E-02
IL12RB2 2.23 1.14E-03
IL23R 1.76 1.69E-03
CCL27 −1.42 3.49E-02
  1. 1FC: fold change.
  2. 2Genes used for qRT-PCR validation.