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Table 1 Trait designations and descriptions collected manually and by ARIA

From: Genome-wide association analysis of seedling root development in maize (Zea mays L.)

Trait name Symbol Trait description
Total Root Length TRL Cumulative length of all the roots in centimeters
Primary Root Length PRL Length of the Primary root in centimeters
Secondary Root Length SEL Cumulative length of all secondary roots in centimeters
Center of Point COP Absolute center of the root regardless of root length
Maximum Number of Roots MNR The 84th percentile value of the sum of every row
Perimeter PER Total number of network pixels connected to a background pixel
Depth DEP The maximum vertical distance reached by the root system
Width WID The maximum horizontal width of the whole RSA
Width/Depth ratio WDR The ratio of the maximum width to depth
Median MED The median number of roots at all Y-location
Total Number of Roots TNR Total number of roots
Convex Area CVA The area of the convex hull that encloses the entire root image
Network Area NWA The number of pixels that are connected in the skeletonized image
Bushiness BSH The ratio of the maximum to the median number of roots
Length Distribution LED The ratio of TRL in the upper one-third of the root to the TRL
Diameter DIA Diameter of the primary root
Surface Area SUA Surface area of the entire root system
Standard Root Length SRL Total root length divided by root volume
Shoot Length SHL Total Length of the shoot to the longest leaf tip in cm
Shoot Dry weight SDW Total dry weight of only the plant shoot
Root Dry Weight RDW Total dry weight of only the plant roots
Total Plant Biomass TPB Root dry weight and Shoot dry weight added together