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Table 5 T-boxes identified in B. methanolicus MGA3 and their respective transcriptional organization, affected amino acid biosynthesis and related function

From: Transcriptome analysis of thermophilic methylotrophic Bacillus methanolicus MGA3 using RNA-sequencing provides detailed insights into its previously uncharted transcriptional landscape

T-box and its transcriptional organization Affected amino acid biosynthesis Related function Locus tag(s)
(T-box)*-alaS Alanine aaRS BMMGA3_12250
gltX-(T-box)-cysE-cysS-mrnC-yacO-yacP Cysteine Amino acid biosynthesis, aaRS, maturation of 23S rRNA BMMGA3_00580-BMMGA3_00605
(T-box)-glyQS Glycine aaRS BMMGA3_11920
(T-box)-hisS-aspS Histidine and aspartate aaRS BMMGA3_12305-BMMGA3_12310
(T-box)-ileS Isoleucine aaRS BMMGA3_05760
(T-box)-leuS Leucine aaRS BMMGA3_13510
(T-box)-pheS Phenylalanine aaRS BMMGA3_12925
(PyrR)(T-box)-proI Proline Amino acid biosynthesis BMMGA3_11220
(PyrR)(T-box)-serS Serine aaRS BMMGA3_00090
(T-box)-thrS Threonine aaRS BMMGA3_12975
(T-box)(T-box)-trpE-trpGD-trpD-trpF-trpB-trpA Tryptophan Amino acid biosynthesis BMMGA3_09595-BMMGA3_09625
(T-box)-trpS Tryptophan aaRS BMMGA3_04510
(T-box)-tyrS Tyrosine aaRS BMMGA3_13290
(T-box)-valS Valine aaRS BMMGA3_12655
(T-box)-brnQ Branched amino acids Amino acid transport BMMGA3_02675
(T-box)-ilvB Branched amino acids Amino acid biosynthesis BMMGA3_12765
(T-box)-cstA1 - Carbon starvation protein§ BMMGA3_02765
  1. *(T-box) = T-box regulatory element; (PyrR) = PyrR binding site; aaRS = aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases; features of an operon are connected with a hyphen.
  2. §The whole transcriptome data does not unambiguously clarify if the T-box belongs to the cstA1 gene.