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Table 2 Different conserved motifs present in N-terminal, activation loop region and C-terminal end of plant MAPKs

From: Identification of new members of the MAPK gene family in plants shows diverse conserved domains and novel activation loop variants

Conserved signature motifs of MAPKs
N-Terminal conserved motifs Some other conserved Motif Present in N-terminal End Activation loop motifs C-Terminal motifs
Group D Group A: A-K-Y, N-K-Y Group A: T-E-Y, T-Q-Y Group A & B: S-D-Y, S-E-Y, T-D-Y
S-D-Y, S-E-Y Group B: S-K-Y, R-K-Y Group B: T-E-Y, M-E-Y, T-E-C, T-V-Y Group C: D-N-Y, S-Q-Y
T-D-Y, T-E-Y Group C: T-K-Y Group C: T-E-Y Group D: S-K-Y, T-K-Y, S-R-Y, S-N-Y
  Group D: S-Q-Y, N-R-Y, S-R-Y Group D: T-D-Y  
   Group E: T-S-Y, T-E-M, T-Q-M, T-R-M