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Table 6 Tajima’s relative rate test

From: Identification of new members of the MAPK gene family in plants shows diverse conserved domains and novel activation loop variants

Configuration Count  
MgMPK4-1, GmMPK16-3 AtPIN1 MgMPK4-1, GmMPK16-3 AtCBL1
Identical sites in all three sequences 15 7
Divergent sites in all three sequences 64 44
Unique differences in sequence A 13 8
Unique differences in sequence B 5 0
Unique differences in sequence C 70 47
P-value 0.05935 0.00468
X 2 -test 3.56 8.00
  1. Tajima’s relative rate test was carried out by randomly comparing three phylogenetically distant sequences in each case by distributing them into three distinct group. In column 2, group A (OsMPK6), B (PaMPK8) and C (SmMPK16-2); column 3, group A (AtMPK1), B (PaMPK8) and C (CreinMPK4-2); column 4, group A (SiMPK14), B (VcMPK9) and C (PaMPK3); column 5, group A (SbMPK14), B (PpMPK4-3), and C ( PaMPK3). Test was replicated for four times. In all the four cases, statistical result was found to be significant.