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Figure 4

From: Social odors conveying dominance and reproductive information induce rapid physiological and neuromolecular changes in a cichlid fish

Figure 4

Hierarchical clustering of significantly different expressed genes ( P< 0.01) for the comparison of three pairs of olfactory cues in both brain areas sampled (OB and Dp). Green box: olfactory bulb (OB) expression; purple box: posterior part of the dorsal telencephalon (Dp). Left panels: comparison of female (symbol) and male (symbol) cues independent of status or condition; middle panels, comparison of pre- (PRE) and post- (POST) ovulatory female cues; right panels: comparison of dominant and subordinate male cues. The heatmaps (blue – down-regulated, yellow – up-regulated) show estimated gene expression levels. Confidence values of cluster nodes were calculated using bootstrapping.

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