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Table 2 The most frequent microsatellite motifs found in the giant panda genome sequences

From: Genome-wide survey and analysis of microsatellites in giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca), with a focus on the applications of a novel microsatellite marker system

  Repeat motifs
Mono- Di- Tri- Tetra- Penta- Hexa-
  A(95.41) AC(45.27) AAT(29.77) AAAT(42.03) AAACA(31.76) AAACAA(21.44)
A.melanoleuca C(4.59) AG(44.48) AAC(29.19) AAAG(16.73) AAAGA(20.71) AAAGAA(9.5)
  AT(10.04) AAG(9.64) AAAC(7.71) AAATA(20.27) AGAGGG(7.53)
  CG(0.21) AGG(8.55) AAGG(7.63) AAAGG(5.52) AGATAT(7.27)