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Figure 6

From: Comparative genome and transcriptome analyses of the social amoeba Acytostelium subglobosum that accomplishes multicellular development without germ-soma differentiation

Figure 6

Developmental signaling in D. discoideum overlaid with genomic and transcriptomics data of A. subglobosum . A: Signaling cascades for cell-fate determination and prestalk differentiation in D. discoideum. B: Signaling cascades for spore encapsulation (PSV exocytosis) in D. discoideum. The cascades are overlaid with A. subglobosum genome and transcriptome information. Extracellular and intracellular signaling molecules are indicated by blue and red rectangles, respectively. Components of intracellular cascades are mostly shown by gene names but some in (A) are by protein names. Faint colors indicate that operation in A. subglobosum is unlikely. Solid arrows indicate induction or inhibition, while dotted lines indicate processing and/or transport. Genes in red designate the absence of orthologs, while those in green, blue, orange, and gray designate the same, similar, precocious, and trace expression in A. subglobosum, respectively. PSV: prespore vesicle.

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