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Table 4 D. discoideum developmental genes with altered expression in A. subglobosum

From: Comparative genome and transcriptome analyses of the social amoeba Acytostelium subglobosum that accomplishes multicellular development without germ-soma differentiation

Cluster # Cell-type specificity in D. discoideum
Ddis Asub Prespore Prestalk Non-specific
C1 0   (nxnA) (4)
  C4   gabT, proB aprA*, cf50-1*, cmfA, ctnA*
  C6   scrA  
  C8    gpaF
C2 0    (2)
  C4   icmA cnxA
  C5    psmC1
  C8    gpaI*
C4 0   (krsA), (paxB) (14)
  C1    mgp2, mppA1, sglA, tmem184C, DG1060
  C2   DG1112 , gsr, spkA* alg9, midA , ppp4C, sgcA, DG1104, DDB_G0287723
  C3   crtA, psmA1 clc, phlp1, DG1040
C5 0    (11)
  C1   plbG hdaB, sr
  C2 adrm1, DG1122 exoc2 cshA*, ctr9, Dd5P4, nfaA, snfA, DDB_G0278945
  C3    kif12, lvsD, DDB_G0269680, DDB_G0285083, DDB_G0288007
C6 0    (12)
  C1    amtA*, dymA*, srfA
  C2 DG1124 fpaA atg5, dgkA, DDB_G0270344
  C3   ahhA*  
C7 0 adprt3 , tipC (elmoA) (5)
  C2   cf60* captC , ifkA, DG1003
  C3    torA, dnmA
C8 0   (mhcA) (6)
  C1   dgcA alrA, dokA, phyA, vmp1
  C2 acbA gtaC  
  1. Genes with increased expression levels in A. subglobosum are shown in bold face and depressed expression levels in marked by asterisk. Parentheses indicates no expression in A. subglobosum. Numbers in parentheses show non-specific genes without expression during growth and development. Genes are shown by DDB_G ID in Additional file 2: Table S4. The complete comparative data are shown in Additional file 2: Table S2.