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Table 3 List of the common heat responsive genes, which were differentially expressed (FDR <0.05 and |log 2 (γ)|>2 ) with increasing heat levels in each inbred line, with mean log 2 ( γ ), the mean expression change of the respective gene with increasing heat levels across all inbred lines

From: Genome-wide expression profiling and phenotypic evaluation of European maize inbreds at seedling stage in response to heat stress

Gene Mean log 2 ( γ ) Gene description
GRMZM5G833699 8.29 Heat shock protein
GRMZM2G149647 8.26 Heat shock protein 26; Small heat shock protein
GRMZM2G366532 7.51 Heat response
GRMZM2G007729 5.92 Heat response
GRMZM2G158394 4.92 Extracellular ribonuclease
AC209784.3_FG007 4.10 Heat shock protein 70, MreB/Mbl protein
GRMZM2G111014 2.41 DNA.synthesis/chromatin structure
GRMZM2G057611 -2.81 Peptides transport protein
GRMZM2G147819 -3.15 Uncharacterized protein
GRMZM2G439195 -3.27 Nicotianamine synthase (metal handling)
GRMZM2G009189 -4.26 Uncharacterized protein
GRMZM2G114588 -4.34 Isoflavone reductase (secondary metabolism)
GRMZM2G125314 -4.99 LOL3 (protein.degradation)
GRMZM2G173710 -6.77 Cytokinin, signal transduction