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Figure 6

From: Transcriptomic analysis of hepatic responses to testosterone deficiency in miniature pigs fed a high-cholesterol diet

Figure 6

Significant gene expression tendencies and gene ontology (GO) analysis. (A) Differentially expressed genes between the groups described in Additional file 3 (Table S4) were separated into seven possible model profiles, including two significant gene expression tendencies (profiles 2 and 5). Profile 2 included 737 genes that were decreased in CM pigs, but increased in CMT pigs. Profile 5 included 838 genes that were increased in CM pigs, but decreased in CMT pigs. (B) Significantly enriched GO terms in profiles 2 and 5. The top 15 biological functions and the case genes in each cluster are listed. IM: intact male pigs fed an HFC diet; CM: castrated male pigs fed an HFC diet; CMT: castrated male pigs fed an HFC diet and given testosterone replacement therapy.

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