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Table 3 Functional annotation of the differentially expressed genes in domestic versus wild silkworms

From: Comparative analysis of the silk gland transcriptomes between the domestic and wild silkworms

Gene name Best BLAST hit in nr database; putative function E-value Microarray probe
BGIBMGA001622 Uncharacterized protein 6E-54 sw21843
BGIBMGA009199 Organic cation transporter protein-like; excretion of endogenous compounds and xenobiotics [22] 0.0 sw15503
BGIBMGA006745 * laccase 2A; immune response and/or detoxification [23,24] 0.0 sw12993
BGIBMGA014208 Cytochrome b5; electron transfer component in a number of oxidative reactions [25] 2E-84 sw03099
BGIBMGA010477 Scavenger receptor class B member 4; absorption of carotenoid [26] 0.0 sw01562
BGIBMGA002958 Dopa decarboxylase 2; immune response [27] 0.0 sw15376
BGIBMGA010553 Putative fatty acyl-CoA reductase 2E-58  
BGIBMGA002577 * Peroxisomal acyl-coenzyme A oxidase 1-like 0.0  
BGIBMGA002578 * Peroxisomal acyl-coenzyme A oxidase 1-like 0.0 sw22703
BGIBMGA010516 * Glucose dehydrogenase [acceptor]-like 0.0  
BGIBMGA009925 * Glucose dehydrogenase [acceptor]-like 0.0 sw21310
Novel00011 No hits   
BGIBMGA009799 * Aldose reductase-like isoform X1 0.0 sw19860
BGIBMGA006180 * Venom dipeptidyl peptidase 4-like isoform X2; immune response [28] 0.0 sw14578
Novel00061 No hits   
Novel01220 Serine protease inhibitor 16 precursor; immune response [29] 3E-37  
Novel00917 No hits   
Novel00523 Uncharacterized protein 2E-63  
Novel00365 No hits   
BGIBMGA004037 Hypothetical protein EAG_07492 1E-10 sw04615
Novel00815 Putative pol-like protein 4E-52 sw21903
BGIBMGA003541 Hypothetical protein KGM_18541 3E-169 sw22611
Novel01049 Ubiquitin-like modifier-activating enzyme 5; to activate and transfer ubiquitin to ubiquitin conjugating enzymes [30] 0.0 sw12010
BGIBMGA000013 Osiris 9A 1E-96 sw13441
BGIBMGA013131 Apolipoprotein D-like; transporting lipids and other small hydrophobic molecules for metabolism [31] 1E-154 sw15906
BGIBMGA014207 Cytochrome b5; electron transfer component in a number of oxidative reactions [25] 3E-90 sw08853
BGIBMGA007397 Protein charybde-like 8E-78 sw03416
BGIBMGA013477 Synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2B-like isoform X1; regulating excretion of proteins [32,33] 0.0 sw21450
BGIBMGA009572 Protein translocase subunit secA; protein export[34] 0.0  
BGIBMGA000776 Juvenile hormone esterase-like 0.0  
BGIBMGA010386 Non-lysosomal glucosylceramidase-like; glucosylceramide degradation pathway [35] 0.0 sw07262
BGIBMGA009095 Fungal protease inhibitor F-like isoform X1; immune response [29] 2E-53 sw01309
  1. Up-regulated genes in the domestic strains are shown in bold; up-regulated genes in the wild silkworms are in normal font. *Genes related to oxidoreductase activity in the GO molecular function category. The microarray probes are from Xia et al. [11].