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Table 4 Enrichment of colon cis -eQTL among NHGRI GWAS SNPs

From: Enrichment of inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer risk variants in colon expression quantitative trait loci

Disease or trait Number of GWAS SNPs Number of GWAS SNPs that are colon cis -eQTL p-value*
CD 251 12 <0.001
UC 185 12 <0.001
CRC 40 2 0.031
T2D 65 3 0.034
BMI 100 4 0.055
  1. *P-values were empirically determined using a simulation-based method in which 1,000 randomized SNP sets, matched in size and MAF distribution to the NHGRI GWAS SNPs, were generated. These simulations yielded a p-value, calculated as the proportion of sampled SNP sets in which the cis-eQTL count exceeds the actual count observed in the GWAS SNPs. For details see Supplementary Methods (Additional file 8).