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Table 2 Epistatic interactions that map to HiC interactions

From: Genome-wide epistatic expression quantitative trait loci discovery in four human tissues reveals the importance of local chromosomal interactions governing gene expression

Tissue HiC interactions
  Epistatic Non-epistatic Odds ratio P-value
Liver 14/34 913/9772 6.79 < 0.0001
Pre-Frontal Cortex 118/321 13450/125873 4.86 < 0.0001
Cerebellum 39/105 6758/77511 6.19 < 0.0001
Visual Cortex 19/66 3422/40882 4.43 < 0.0001
  1. SNP pairs that map to HiC interactions (spatially proximate regions of the genome) are given as the proportion of epistatic interactions that map to at least one HiC interaction and the proportion of non-epistatic SNP pairs tested that map to at least one HiC interaction. The odds ratio that a pair of epistatic SNPs also maps to a HiC physical interaction is given for each tissue. Significance is assessed using a chi-squared test for goodness of fit.