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Table 4 Results of SNaPshot and HRM analysis in sex-linked SNP markers in pistachio

From: Identification of sex-linked SNP markers using RAD sequencing suggests ZW/ZZ sex determination in Pistacia vera L.

SNP loci SNP position SNaPshot HRM Genotype in female Genotype in male
SNP-PIS-112277 61R + - R (TC) T
SNP-PIS-127343 27S + - S (GC) G
SNP-PIS-133396 46S + + S (GC) G
47Y + Y (GA) G
SNP-PIS-135862 41Y + - Y (GA) A
SNP-PIS-136404 23 K + + K (AC) C
SNP-PIS-167992 36 W + + W (TA) A
SNP-PIS-174431 56 M + + M (CA) C