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Table 4 List of genes identified within each potential root QTL interval based on transcript abundance in microarray analyses

From: Genetic variants in root architecture-related genes in a Glycine soja accession, a potential resource to improve cultivated soybean

S. no Affymetrix probe ID Annotation based on expression profiling* Gene ID Gene details # Root QTLs flanked
1 Gma.4222.1.S1_10 Probable carboxylesterase 6-like Glyma06g46680 Alpha/beta hydrolase Surface area, Total length
2 GmaAffx.77599.1.S1_7 Uncharacterized Glyma06g46850 Histone-like CCAAT Transcription Factor
3 GmaAffx.59884.1.S1_8 Kinesin-like protein KIF2C-like Glyma07g09530 Kinesin like protein Root length (1.0–1.5 mm)
Glyma09g32280 Root thickness (0.5–1.0 mm)
4 Gma.8398.1.S1_11 Lipase 1-like Glyma07g09860 Triglyceride lipase-cholesterol esterase  
5 Gma.1900.1.S1_3 DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase 20-like Glyma07g11880 ATP-dependent RNA helicase
6 Gma.6648.1.S1_11 Apoptosis inhibitor 5-like Glyma07g32480 Apoptosis Inhibitor 5-related Tap root length
7 Gma.5451.1.S1_5 Uncharacterized Glyma02g15190 Apoptosis-promoting RNA-binding protein
8 Gma.6807.1.S1_10 Cysteine synthase-like Glyma15g41600 Cystathionine beta-synthase and related enzymes
9 Gma.9882.1.S1_10 Uncharacterized Glyma15g42220 slow anion channel associated 1-like
10 Gma.4792.2.S1_5 Uncharacterized Glyma04g42630 BTB domain transcription factor Average diameter
11 Gma.15910.1.S1_10 Uncharacterized Glyma11g26970 Nuclear distribution protein NUDC
  Gma.6807.1.S1_10 Cysteine synthase-like Glyma15g41600 Cystathionine beta-synthase and related enzymes
12 GmaAffx.70452.1.S1_3 Calmodulin-binding transcription activator 2-like Glyma08g19100 CAMTA Transcription factor Root thickness (0.5–1.0 mm)
13 GmaAffx.55124.1.S1_7 Metacaspase-1 Glyma08g19050 Metacaspase involved in regulation of apoptosis
14 Gma.16443.1.A1_2 Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase ASHH3-like Glyma09g28430 Uncharacterized
  1. *The full expression profiling data of mock control plants can be accessed from the NCBI database. (
  2. # The gene annotation information was from SoyKB.