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Table 6 Genes selected from wild soybean variety IT182932 a , based on the QTL confidence interval on chromosome 6, with their annotations

From: Genetic variants in root architecture-related genes in a Glycine soja accession, a potential resource to improve cultivated soybean

Gene ID Annotation
Glyma06g44810 Tetraspanin family protein
Glyma06g44980 Epoxide hydrolase 2-like
Glyma06g44010 8-hydroxyquercetin 8-o-methyltransferase-like isoform 1
Glyma06g44660 Transcription factor bhlh36-like
Glyma06g44990 Epoxide hydrolase 2-like
Glyma06g44600 O-acyltransferase wsd1
Glyma06g44650 Alpha-farnesene synthase
Glyma06g44830 Accelerated cell death 6
Glyma06g44890 Protein
Glyma06g44800 Ribosomal-protein-alanine acetyltransferase-like
Glyma06g44620 ATP synthase mitochondrial f1 complex assembly factor 1-like
Glyma06g44770 MYB Transcription factor
Glyma06g44780 Hypothetical protein PRUPE_ppa014299mg
Glyma06g44970 Gdsl esterase lipase exl3-like
Glyma06g44930 Expansin-b3-like precursor
Glyma06g44730 Probable serine threonine-protein kinase at1g54610-like
Glyma06g44740 PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC100805467
Glyma06g44630 Mitochondrial dihydroorotase
Glyma06g44880 Ankyrin repeat-containing protein at3g12360-like
Glyma06g44790 Caax amino terminal protease family protein
Glyma06g44720 L-type lectin-domain containing receptor kinase -like
Glyma06g44750 Mannan endo-beta-mannosidase 2-like
Glyma06g44640 O-acyltransferase wsd1-like
Glyma06g44900 Ankyrin repeat-containing protein at3g12360-like
Glyma06g45100 Probable protein phosphatase 2c 52-like
Glyma06g45280 Wound-induced protein
Glyma06g45210 Micronuclear linker histone
Glyma06g45590 G-type lectin s-receptor-like serine threonine-protein kinase
Glyma06g45560 Myb-related protein myb4-like
Glyma06g45910 Peroxidase 3
Glyma06g45820 Riboflavin synthase alpha chain
Glyma06g45860 Xyloglucan endotransglucosylase hydrolase protein 9
Glyma06g45740 Probable histone-lysine n-methyltransferase atxr3-like
Glyma06g45300 Unnamed protein product
Glyma06g45420 Wound-induced protein
Glyma06g45230 Tpa: duf566 domain containing family protein
Glyma06g45720 Formin-like protein 5-like
Glyma06g45430 Wound-induced protein
Glyma06g45290 Uncharacterized loc101222779
Glyma06g45920 Peroxidase 3
Glyma06g45800 Proline-rich protein
Glyma06g45550 Myb-related protein myb4-like
Glyma06g45130 Protein
Glyma06g45390 Wound-induced protein
Glyma06g45350 Wound-responsive protein
Glyma06g45650 F-box family protein
Glyma06g45090 Low quality protein: uncharacterized loc101222318
Glyma06g45770 Btb poz domain-containing protein at3g22104-like
Glyma06g45410 Wound-induced protein
Glyma06g45980 Uncharacterized protein LOC100786184 (Predicted)
Glyma06g45020 Uncharacterized protein LOC100305963
Glyma06g45310 Embryo defective 1923 protein
Glyma06g45000 Probable polyol transporter 4-like
Glyma06g45260 Uncharacterized loc101222779
Glyma06g45150 Protein strubbelig-receptor family 3-like
Glyma06g45670 Hypothetical protein MTR_052s0005
Glyma06g45450 Diacylglycerol kinase 5
Glyma06g45830 Uncharacterized loc101209217
Glyma06g45850 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase rma1h1-like
Glyma06g45370 Wound-induced protein
Glyma06g45520 Myb-related protein myb4-like
Glyma06g45840 Gpi-anchored protein
Glyma06g45380 Wound-induced protein
Glyma06g45960 Plant cell wall protein 88
Glyma06g45680 Dehydration responsive element binding protein
Glyma06g45620 Zinc finger protein constans-like protein
Glyma06g45640 Indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase -like
Glyma06g45810 Casp-like protein rcom_1174750-like
Glyma06g45730 Uncharacterized loc101212188
Glyma06g45220 Uncharacterized protein LOC100527304
Glyma06g45400 Uncharacterized loc101222779
Glyma06g45050 Caffeic acid 3-o-methyltransferase
Glyma06g45010 Drought responsive element binding protein 5
Glyma06g45120 Probable indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase -like
Glyma06g45160 Secretory carrier-associated membrane protein 1-like
Glyma06g45700 Beta-amylase
Glyma06g45440 Protein thylakoid chloroplastic-like
Glyma06g45110 Cell wall
Glyma06g45990 Ring-box protein 1a-like
Glyma06g45490 Equilibrative nucleoside transporter
Glyma06g45890 Trab domain-containing
Glyma06g45140 Unknown function
Glyma06g45880 Transferring glycosyl
Glyma06g45930 Translation initiation factor
Glyma06g45170 H aca ribonucleoprotein complex non-core subunit naf1
Glyma06g45940 Triptychon and
Glyma06g45510 D6-type cyclin
Glyma06g45950 Isocitrate lyase
Glyma06g45480 Uncharacterized gpi-anchored protein at4g28100-like
Glyma06g45780 Isoprene synthase
Glyma06g45360 Vesicle-associated protein 4-2-like
Glyma06g45200 Xylosyltransferase 1-like
Glyma06g45570 Myb-related protein myb4-like
Glyma06g45240 Wound-induced protein
Glyma06g45460 Myb-related transcription factor
Glyma06g45710 Pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein at1g08070-like
Glyma06g45080 Elmo domain-containing protein a-like
Glyma06g45610 Outer arm dynein light chain 1 protein
Glyma06g45540 Myb-related protein myb4-like
Glyma06g45580 Uncharacterized protein LOC100781575 (Predicted)
Glyma06g45340 Nad h dehydrogenase mitochondrial-like
Glyma06g45180 Protein ultrapetala 1-like
Glyma06g46540 Replication factor c subunit 1-like
Glyma06g46500 Uncharacterized protein LOC100796231 (Predicted)
Glyma06g46020 Duf246 domain-containing protein
Glyma06g46550 Adipocyte plasma membrane-associated
Glyma06g46530 Fasciclin-like arabinogalactan protein 17-like
Glyma06g46350 L-ascorbate oxidase homolog
Glyma06g46370 B-cell receptor-associated 31-like protein
Glyma06g46880 Pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein at1g11290-like
Glyma06g46360 Unknown function
Glyma06g46450 Cellulose synthase-like protein h1
Glyma06g46960 Uncharacterized protein LOC100814328 (Predicted)
Glyma06g46520 Probable carboxylesterase 15-like
Glyma06g46660 Rj2 protein
Glyma06g46490 Outer envelope protein chloroplastic-like
Glyma06g46650 Protein
Glyma06g46600 Choline ethanolamine kinase
Glyma06g46150 Protein transparent testa 12-like
Glyma06g46590 Myb transcription factor myb142
Glyma06g46110 Upf0481 protein at3g47200-like
Glyma06g46340 Mip sip subfamily
Glyma06g46320 Zinc finger ccch domain-containing protein 13-like
Glyma06g46290 Protein
Glyma06g46740 Auxin-induced protein 5 ng4-like
Glyma06g46710 Sister chromatid cohesion protein dcc1-like
Glyma06g46640 Transcription initiation factor tfiid subunit 7-like
Glyma06g46750 Cytochrome p450
Glyma06g46190 Aconitate cytoplasmic-like
Glyma06g46610 Ring-h2 finger protein atl69-like
Glyma06g46270 Autophagy-related protein 8c-like
Glyma06g46120 Septum-promoting gtp-binding protein 1-like
Glyma06g46400 S-type anion channel slah1-like
Glyma06g46160 Uncharacterized gpi-anchored protein at1g61900-like
Glyma06g46210 Nedd8-activating enzyme e1 regulatory subunit-like
Glyma06g46260 Upf0481 protein at3g47200-like
Glyma06g46620 Ribosomal l5e family protein
Glyma06g46680 Probable carboxylesterase 6-like
Glyma06g46220 Rrp6-like protein 3
Glyma06g46380 Disease resistance response protein 206-like
Glyma06g46580 Uncharacterized protein LOC100527051
Glyma06g46180 Succinate dehydrogenase subunit 3
Glyma06g46430 Protein usf-like
Glyma06g46630 Protein
Glyma06g46390 Disease resistance response protein 206-like
Glyma06g46760 Cytochrome p450
Glyma06g46300 Zinc metalloprotease slr1821-like
Glyma06g46240 Upf0481 protein at3g47200-like
Glyma06g46410 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase a-like
Glyma06g46470 At1g05070 t7a14_6
Glyma06g46090 Upf0481 protein at3g47200-like
Glyma06g46250 Septum-promoting gtp-binding protein 1-like
Glyma06g46170 Uncharacterized protein LOC100779566 (Predicted)
Glyma06g46480 Low quality protein: condensin complex subunit 2-like
Glyma06g46130 Glutamate receptor -like
Glyma06g46570 Proline-rich family protein
Glyma06g46730 Ring-h2 finger protein atl51-like
Glyma06g46420 WRKY transcription factor
Glyma06g46000 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein hdg2-like
Glyma06g46230 Probable beta- -galactosyltransferase 2-like
Glyma06g46560 Yabby2-like transcription factor yab2
Glyma06g46690 Signal peptidase complex catalytic subunit sec11c-like
  1. aThe genes specific to G. soja with a deleterious mutation were obtained from Kim et al. [6,8].