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Table 7 List of genes with transcript abundance in root tissues alone selected on chromosome 6 QTL intervals, based on re-sequence data on G. soja variety IT182932 a

From: Genetic variants in root architecture-related genes in a Glycine soja accession, a potential resource to improve cultivated soybean

Gene ID Gene annotation a Genome status*
Glyma06g44981 Epoxide hydrolase 2-like N/A
Glyma06g44880 Ankyrin repeat-containing protein Duplicated
Glyma06g44900 Ankyrin repeat-containing protein Duplicated
Glyma06g45910 Peroxidase 3 Duplicated
Glyma06g45920 Peroxidase 3 Single copy
Glyma06g45980 Uncharacterized protein N/A
Glyma06g45261 Uncharacterized protein N/A
Glyma06g45810 CASP like protein Single copy
Glyma06g46170 Uncharacterized protein Duplicated
  1. *Information on genome duplication and copy number variation was obtained from Du et al. [56].
  2. aThe genes specific to G. soja were obtained from Kim et al. [6,8].