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Table 9 List of genes associated with root traits and with the non-synonymous SNPs in V71-370 and PI 407162 parental lines

From: Genetic variants in root architecture-related genes in a Glycine soja accession, a potential resource to improve cultivated soybean

S. No Gene ID and annotation* SNP position W82 (Ref. genome) V71-370 PI407162 AA change
1 Glyma07g09860 + Triglyceride lipase-cholesterol esterase 8318354 A A C Phenylalanine to Cysteine
2 Glyma07g32480 + Apoptosis Inhibitor 5-related 37386211 G T G Proline to Threonine
37386231 C T C Glycine to Glutamic Acid
37388170 C C G Glutamic Acid to Glutamine
3 Glyma15g42220 + Uncharacterized 49621619 C C T Glutamic Acid to Lysine
49621846 C C T Arginine to Glutamine
4 Glyma06g45920 Peroxidase 3 48646118 C C A Arginine to Leucine
5 Glyma06g44900 Ankyrin repeat-containing protein 47715303 A G A Glutamic Acid to Glycine
6 Glyma06g46170 Uncharacterized 48839708 G G C Glycine to Alanine
48839816 G G A Serine to Asparagine
48839842 G G A Glutamic Acid to Lysine
48840059 G G A Tryptophan (stop gained in wild soybean)
7 Glyma06g45910 Peroxidase 3 48635068 A A C Serine to Alanine
8 Glyma06g46210 NEDD8-activating complex 48869473 A A C Lysine to Asparagine
48873032 C C G Arginine to Cysteine
48873041 C C A Alanine to Glycine
48874136 A A G Threonine to Asparagine
9 Glyma06g45261 Uncharacterized 48049483 A G A Histidine to Arginine
  1. *Genes selected based on Affymetrix probe hybridization data are denoted with a + sign; the other genes were selected based on QTL confidence intervals.