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Table 2 miRNAs investigated in serum

From: Regulation of microRNAs miR-30a and miR-143 in cerebral vasculature after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in rats

Candidates Normalizers
Rno-miR-143-3p Rno-miR-23a-3p
Rno-miR-145-5p Rno-miR-24-5p
Rno-miR-221-3p Rno-miR-24-3p
Rno-miR-222-3p Rno-miR-181a-1-3p
Rno-miR-223-3p Rno-miR-181a-5p
Rno-miR-30c-5p Rno-miR-103-3p
Rno-miR-133a-5p Rno-miR-107-3p
Rno-miR-133a-3p Rno-let-7c
Rno-miR-21-5p Rno-miR-451a-5p
  1. Serum was investigated for the potential spill-over of miRNA from the cerebral arteries. The table shows selected candidate miRNAs (left column) and normalizer miRNAs (right column). Candidate miRNAs identified in the initial screen of miRNA expression in cerebral vessels are shown in italics.