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Table 1 Features comparison of current genome browsers

From: RNASeqBrowser: A genome browser for simultaneous visualization of raw strand specific RNAseq reads and UCSC genome browser custom tracks

Track type Tablet [ 9 ] IGB [ 10 ] IGV [ 4 ] savant [ 11 ] genomeView [ 12 ] Ucsc genome browser [ 13 ] ZENBU [ 3 ] RNASeqBrowser
bed   X     X   X
wiggle       X   X
bam wiggle X X X X X   X X
bam overlay wiggle      X    X
raw reads X X X X X    X
raw read specific reads    X   X    X
paried end arrange    X   X    X
SNP calling     X X   X X
InDel     X X    X
peak calling        X  
installation S S S S S W W S
  1. S: stand alone.
  2. w: web based.