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Table 2 Anatomical enrichment of genes with high sequence coverage compared with genes having lower to no coverage

From: The central nervous system transcriptome of the weakly electric brown ghost knifefish (Apteronotus leptorhynchus): de novo assembly, annotation, and proteomics validation

Significantly enriched anatomical terms sequences with high (≥80%) coverage Significantly enriched anatomical terms sequences with < 80% or no coverage
Optic tectum 0.00004 Ovary 0.03556
Epiphysis 0.00007 Testis 0.04287
Eye 0.00032 Olfactory rosette 0.04300
Central nervous system 0.00038 Cardiac ventricle 0.04821
Retina 0.00147   
Liver 0.00167   
Blood 0.00507   
Neuron 0.00548   
Cranial nerve II 0.01609   
Cranial ganglion 0.01633   
Spinal cord 0.01833   
Cardiovascular system 0.01889   
Macrophage 0.02454   
Occipital lateral line neuromast 0.02617   
Myotome 0.03472   
Ventral thalamus 0.04871   
  1. Analysis was performed using ZEOGS, comparing enrichment of D. rerio genes with ≥ 80% sequence coverage (left column) compared with the list of D. rerio genes with < 80% or no sequence coverage (right column). Only anatomical terms that were significantly enriched (Benjamini-Hochberg adjusted α = 0.05) from either list are shown along with their Benjamini-Hochberg adjusted p-values.