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Table 3 Summary of annotated transcripts/contigs by RNA types

From: The central nervous system transcriptome of the weakly electric brown ghost knifefish (Apteronotus leptorhynchus): de novo assembly, annotation, and proteomics validation

Categories # Transcripts (including contig isoforms) # Contigs
Protein sequences   
Sense BlastX (D. rerio) 748,404 40,451
Sense BlastX (Actinopterygii) 759,947 42,459
rRNA (identified by RNAmmer) 59 4
rRNA (from D. rerio reference) 2 2
Mitochondrial rRNA (from D. rerio reference) 4 2
Other ncRNA*   
snoRNA 211 17
miRNA 340 84
snRNA 116 12
lincRNA 419 54
Antisense 75 27
lncRNA (Kaushik et al.) 111 15
  1. Note that some transcripts were found to align to multiple categories, such as the case of transcripts containing protein-coding ORFs as well as a pri-miRNA sequence. *ncRNA was identified from D. rerio reference ( except for rRNA identified with RNAmmer and lncRNA from [93].