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Table 2 Statistics of the half-life associated with ChIP (−) and ChIP (+) genes

From: Analysis of RNA decay factor mediated RNA stability contributions on RNA abundance

  Total ChIP(−) RNA(−) ChIP(−) RNA(+) ChIP(+) RNA(−) ChIP(+) RNA(+) (Total) ChIP(+) RNA(+) (×2) ChIP(+) RNA(+) (×1.1)
Number of genes with a RNA half-life 12,479 6,235 603 2,745 2,896 1,617 187
Median half-life nd nd 13.2 6.0 11.6 11.0 10.9
  1. In Table 2, we only considered genes with compatible half-life measurements from BRIC-seq. ChIP(+): H3K4me3 intensities larger than 1 × 104 and a presence of polII peak , ChIP(−): H3K4me3 intensities smaller than 1 × 104 and an absence of polII peak. RNA(+): RPKM value larger than 10, RNA(−): RPKM value smaller than 10. For ChIP(+)/RNA(+) region; total: all genes, ×2: genes within two-fold of the regression line, ×1.1: genes within the 1.1-fold of the regression line. nd: not determined.